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Monday, June 9, 2008

Juiciest Post - 1st week of June

Last week is a happening week. There are so many juiciest things happen in Singapore and Malaysia.

Set aside the Malaysia political issues, increase of gas price all of sudden, and ban of Singapore cars to buy petrol. Very interesting, some of them raise the issue that the school girls uniform is too Transparent and too Sexy!

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Even worse, the newspaper then reported that Malaysia Teen Students are selling their body for just RM 5, i.e. less than SGD $2.50, even cheaper than Chicken Rice. No offense, but I think this is a serious issues.

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Instead of solving the problem in a constructive manner, someone said that "every woman should carry a condom". Why not ask for the man carry a condom in their wallet. Since, every man bring one is enough for a day use, more than once will be too hurt for them.

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Back to Singapore, it is equally interesting. This week the news of SIA crew member blog make a big hit on traditional news media. In fact, the blog of the screw member is not new, but it is limited to the cyber community. But it generates a big hit in the mass media. I have a summary of all the related blogs at:

There is also a similar case in Malaysia, where the Nuffnang CEO shows a photo of girlfriend sleeping on bed, and saying got a hard time to ask his girlfriend to wake up. Some one has argued that since his girl friend is also a staff of the company, should he shows some respect.
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Back to more relax topics. We have a few great movies recently, from Indiana John (maybe too high expectation, so a bit disappointment, but still very great), Narnia, and Sex and the City. Interstingly, there is a report saying that 3 girls in the Sex and the City have about 18 sex partners, and this is exactly the same as the average sex partners for New Yorkers. And another girl is >30 + 1 female partner! So ever make a guess what is the number for Singapore? 10? 8? or ... I think to be fair, maybe should set age range, and looks something like this:

17-25 (Younger generation, 80's): 7 (this is a large number as they still very young)
26-35 (Matured generation, 70's): 10
>36 (Elder generation, 60's): 4 (more conservative generation)

And you can always RESET the number by using this:

Anyway, the above just my guessing, the report can be found at (and the image is also from):

Another case is Lindsay Lohan embarrase moment, in fact, not that embrasse, as she remember to wear panties that day.

We know that Wii is interesting, especially the control of the game. But you ever see this? A very SEXY game. Wathc this video.

Finally, this post tell us how to organize your google ads in a more effective manner. Maybe we all can learn. I am relying on my friend to do all these technical stuffs for me.

There are so many stuffs for this one week.................. many more to remember.................

p/s: all the images and screen shot belong to all those blogs, pls refer to the links for full details.

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