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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is these school uniform too transparent and sexy?

To me.. I think there are many times is up to the girl themselves.. I remember during my days, there are some girls like to show off... How? Simple.. they wear BLACK or RED or some bright color bra inside the white uniform.... or have their skirt as short as possible....

This report saying the Malaysia school girl uniform too "transparent" and too "sexy"...

And this lead to "rape, sexual harassment and even premarital sex.”

Well, basically another choice of uniform is something like this:

So, I think everything is up to the girl themselves, up to them want or don't want to show off....

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zewt said...

geee... even singaporeans are into this topic????

Jason said...

I think some School Uniforms in Singapore schools here are quite sexy too ! Some quite transparent can see the type and colour of bra the school girls are wearing !

For example , in some ITE uniforms where the blouse is light yellow in colour , when the girl wear black or pink colour bra can see very clearly ! Peirce Secondary School uniform whose uniform is also of the same colour too !

I think school uniforms ( blouse ) should not be made with this type of colour , cos can make them ver embarrassed , as the bra tye and colour can be seen so cleary by guys !

arif said...

Girls always start. They themselves oftenly become triggers for sexual harrassment. Most of them, both who know and who don't know the effects of showing their body shape, love showing off their body shape even those who didn't want at the beginning will start changing to want because of their friends. So, some are naughty indeed, and some were not.

arif said...

Some girls did it in purpose to attract boys, and some others did it because they were changed by their friends' socializing. For them who did it in purpose, they must know that they made themselves to be objects of sexual immorality and harrashment.

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