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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Singaporean Born Celebrity Sex Tape *hot news just get it in email*

Gutterpost, the one that expose a lot of secret for celebrities (including the Edison Chen case), reports that got a sex tape of Tila Tequila (19 years old, been the front page model for Maxim Magazine). Frankly speaking I don't know who is she. But what draw my attention is that she seems to be Singapore born (as reported).

Here is the qoute from:

Just got a sex tape reported to be of a major female celebrity....... The only hint I will give right now is that she is from Singapore and ........ I will try to have it up within four hours.

WARNING: the site is RA, not suitable for those who are not suitable.

The video can be download from:

More info of her @

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who manage to download the video or still have the video download link able to send it to me?

My email:

Anonymous said...

Do you have a guidebook in French?

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