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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Juciest Post - Ris Low, Sexy Girls, plus Malaysia Credit card

Ris low is hitting the headline again recently, either being molested or late as DJ. So lets see what is happening around the world, from Europe, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia to Singapore....

Hong Kong girl has fun in train (Hong Kong)

Ski in Bikini (Europe)

Neighbour like to naked (China)

Zhang Xin Yu pose nearly naked (China)

Singapore Nurse party (Singapore got such party too!)

Girl shows butt and panties at MOS burger (Singapore?)

Hong Kong girl sex act in uniform (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong girl sexy photos

Why Malaysian cancel credit card (Malaysia, background story: now all credit card in Malaysia need to pay RM 50 per card per year for the government)

Fire works at KLCC (Malaysia)

Ris Low being molested (Singapore)
Ris Low late for DJ

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Full Collections of ALL 2010 scandals

2010 is a busy year, from early of the year before Chinese New Year, I have reported over 15 scandals happend in China. But that is just a begining, soon China number 1 car show model Shoushou comes in with her sex video cicurlated online, then is Taiwan news reporter 黃郁珊 post her sexy and nearly naked photo on her blog, and then of course Singapore is not left behind, Jack Neo gives us the best Chinese New Year movie he ever made, real life movie!

So lets see the collections of all these scandals........................

Scandal #1: Singapore Jack Neo

Full interview of Wendy Chong Jia Yan 钟佳燕 - Jack Neo & his 11 girls new movie: "Sex not Enough"

Jack Neo 2nd victim Foyce Le Xuan 乐轩

Jack Neo 1st mistress model Wendy Chong Jia Yan 钟佳燕

* lastest 11 March * Jack Neo and wife Irene Kng’s press conference on 11 March 2010: video + script

Scandal #2: China car show model Shoushou

Shoushou 兽兽, aka 翟凌, sex scandal
Shoushou 兽兽 Photo album

Scandal #3: Taiwan news reporter

Taiwan news reporter 黃郁珊

Scandal #456789....

China latest scandal from Chengdu bank staff 成都工行女

Macau 14 year-old young girl sexy photo leaked

China Scandals - total 15 cases

And some photos...........
Horny Malaysia young couple on bus

Toyota promote Camry with nearly nude girl in China

Ah Sha from Twins attacked by breast

Lets look at some of the interesting videos from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia...

HK girl show Ex BF her C cup breast

HK teens say "4P is awesome" on Youtube

Get Singapore Directions By Pointing At Her Chest

5000 Awesome Butts Naked at Australia. With a video below:

Since Universal studio Singapore will open soon, you may have a Preview of Singapore Universal Studio.

But don't forget the Singapore IT Show 2010 Suntec floor plan and price list.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Full collections of Singapore Scandals - Polytechnic Girl topless at garden + Singapore mediacorp actress Nadia Fazlini sex scandal

Recently, so many happening in Singapore, there are two scandals, and Chinese New Year is coming soon, seems like so many things are happening at the same time.

At first is the New Paper show a girl, saying that is an ex-actress Nadia Fazlini from our Mediacorp, and her sex video is online. Someone say she is girl next door type, and so surprise she is so naughty!

To read more the story: Singapore Mediacorp actress Nadia Fazlini Sex Scandal

Next is a polytechnic student, have her topless photo at the garden being exposed!

Well, I think we should filter her face just to protect her.
Letter from Republic Poly on the topless girl
Photos set of the polytechnic girl at garden

Lets not forget the Sentosa Siloso count down molest case. Here are additional two photos from different camera. To read more see my previous post on this.

So check out some other non-scandal.....

Is this a typical dating? This guy says, go dinner then hotel, and claim it as a typical dating!

Wonder how she can be more sexy than bikini? Check it out at sexier than bikini, and scroll down to the last pic to get the answer.

So many naked people

China version SM

Happy New Year in advanced to all my readers. Lets not forget the scandals from China at my new blog - China scandal gates.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Full uncensored video of Sentosa Siloso Beach countdown party molest and many others...

Well, over this new year, the most hottest topic is this "girl" (someone claim her to be transexual) is being molest at Sentosa Siloso count down party. So now people has digged out her identity, the photos before the molest happens, and of couse, the full video of the molest (uncensored)..

The identity of the girl being molested

Scenes before the Singapore Siloso Count Down Molest

Singapore girl get molested at Sentosa Siloso count down party : FULL UNCENSORED

Another case is a diplomat's car involves in "hit and run", and he is not coming back to Singapore!

Diplomat won't return to Singapore

The rest are just some funny sexy photos...

She too thinks her skirt is too short

Sexy nurse camwhore

Such a pretty police at China

Unsual bikini at beauty selection

Google should use her to promote Nexus One phone

And what if your boyfriend didn't handle the camera well?

When boyfriend didn't take care the camera properly

And finally, a video showing a Singapore girl zao geng while she is enjoying singing....


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Friday, December 18, 2009

Juciest Post - funny sexy girls wearing

Well, it has been a long time since updating this blog. Since Christmas is coming soon, so many update a bit...

Sexy Picnic Dress

How to call this?

If you follow my another blog on the Girls wanna have fun series, here are some others...

Clubbing girls kissing

Girls naked at shopping mall!

All girls birthday party

Girls showing butt

Girl exposed in flyer

And finally, Singapore topless car wash!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Juciest Post - Things you never imagine can happen

Been a super long time didn't update the juciest post of the week.... Finally got some time to sit down... First of all, lets see how this boyfriend betray his girlfriend.

Still at beach, see this girl bikini, only half is bikini, because she uses her panties as bikini.

And this prostitute play stock while on job:

Cowboy shows us this upskirt application at iPhone:

Finally, see this notice, wear your underwear while on bath!

That is all for the moment..

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