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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Sat Sentosa CLEO beach events break record

Read from morning newspaper that got over 200 bikini babes attended the CLEO Siloso Swimsuit Shoot event and this break the world record.. not sure how true it is...

Here are some photos contributed by a friend:

Can't really stand to sit under such a hot sun...

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Jason said...

Seeing these girls in Bikinis , reminds me of a Question I had always wanted to ask and have been wondering : Always wondered why young girls or teenage girls nowadays are so daring and are very willing to post sexy pictures of themselves in Bikinis on Friendster and Facebook and not feel any embarrassed at all ?

Why is the difference in attitudes about them being in Bikinis and in their bras & panties ? I mean , why is it that they will get all so embarrassed when they realized that they had zaogeng their bra straps or when their underwear are showing , but not when they are in their Bikinis ?

Anonymous said...

do they embarrassed when they zaogeng? i don't think so, i think they feel ok to be zaogeng, or purposely to zaogeng in some cases.

maybe there are two types of gals, one is daring to show in bikini, this type not afraid of zaogeng.

another type is old virgin, showing bra strap also cannot, zaogeng will kill them.

banana man said...

I think this one

will be truly zao geng... for sure her whole panties is seen

Anonymous said...
dis cant compare to others you have posted

Anonymous said...

well if u say it this way, why aren't men afraid of walking ard in their swimming trucks or speedos? dont they feel embarrassed? its the same concept. its a form of swimming attire. whats there to be embarassed about? nowadays guys pull their pants so low that they reveal 50-60% of their boxers. arent they afraid of zaogeng as well?

dont make girls sound so cheap. guys are the same as well.

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