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What is new: Girls ZaoGeng at bus Stop!   After watching this girl in miniskirt dance in mrt , the uncle cannot tahan !  Malaysia version Fiona Xie , and TV host zhao geng on live TV. Sg celebrity x tape expose, and a girl handphone video leaked

Friday, June 13, 2008

GIRLS, if u're wearing skirt, pls don't sit in this way

Received an email from someone of his personal "collections" (not very sure if he is the photographer, anyway he emailed after he watch the tv host zhao geng in live tv): a zao geng (zhou guang, 走光, zaogeng, zhao geng or zhaogeng) photos of a girl in a bus stop who is wearing a skirt.

This girl is so careless that she sit down and hang her leg like a guy at a bus stop. Maybe she used to it. Or maybe she forget she is wearing a skirt that day.

After some thinking and cropping the photos, I think it should be ok to be shown in the blog.... so as to remind other girls, pls BECAREFUL if you are wearing a skirt. Or always maintain a good posture even you are at home so that you don't have a bad habit when you are outside.

So in the followings, those words are added by me (if there is any similarity, just coincident):

I ask: "Hey uncle, what are you looking at?"

I say: "Oh.. you are looking at a girl who is playing with her PDA, but what is so special with that?"

Uncle answers: "Because she hangs her leg up.... like a guy... but she is wearing a skirt"

I say: "Really? You are right oh... she is wearing a skirt, and ..... can really see her leg"

I ask: "Walao... uncle... what camera are you using? And where you hide to take these photos? You got a 10x zoom camera so that you take from opposite bus stop?"

Now is your turn........

You ask: "Any more?"
I say: "I am sorry... that is the limit... the rest censored"

I remember in my old house, there is a family stayed next to the lift, so that all of us got to pass by the house. Then this family got a daugther age 30+ single still (am I too 38? Is my mom told me lah). Then always she will be lying on her sofa, face and leg facing outward, and watching TV while open her leg wide. Always my mom will say: "aiyo.. how can a girl sit until so ugly....". To her, these are called ugly. So these behaviour got really be trained even you are at home.

So GIRLS, becareful if you are wearing a skirt..............

Click here for more girls photos

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Anonymous said...

Hey Agnes... the words you add in are damm funny............

From: Ur supporter and die hard fan

CrispyFries said...

NUS Central Library busstop?

Ravon said...

Girls really have to be careful when wearing a skirt. And not just that, ladies wearing low cut shirt or dresses must be careful as well. My friend told be about an incident on an MRT train where a guy keeps staring at a girl's cleavage while the girl was ending a little forward to talk to her friend. The girl was apparently unaware of it and continued the conversation with her friend. So girls, be careful, there are really perverts out there who have nothing better to do.

Neo said...

Oh yeah, nice nice. Use my 500mm lens to shoot. Can shoot from opposite the road. Wakaka... :)

CRYSTAL said...

care to exchange links?
btw nice blog(:

crystal said...

Jason said...

Seen this sitting posture among young teenage girls , especially school girls so many times already ! A very ' common ' sight nowadays really ! Not only at bus stop , in buses and MRT too !but also sometimes in McDonalds , restaurants , shopping centres , even classroom !

Sometimes when I see schoolgirls sitting this way , I very much wanted to tell them , but I scared they get angry and scold them for my good intentions !

Should I tell them if I see them wearing skirts sittig in this manner , u feel ? Of course , I know that by telling them I will most likely make them very embarrassed !

So , should I tell or should I not ?

Jason said...

Also , just like to tell them some of my female friends used to be also sitting in this manner quite often during my Secondary School days , sometimes exposing the undershorts she is wearing underneath !

huifen said...

you should tell them.. but in the right way.. not "announcing" it in front of many.. but just whisper to them.. at least only one know when they feel embarrass.. and nowadays its not good to wear mini skirt to shopping or street walk.. just not safe..

Jason said...

To huifen : So , u think that I should try to tell them ... but I scared for some girls when u tell them and they get embarrassed , they will get angry and scold u instead , mistaking the good intention as being a pervert , looking out for them to 走光 .

Don't mind I ask u a personal Question : Would u really mind if someone sees u 走光 and hey tell u about it ?

Will u be very angry with that person and scold him or will u thank him for saving u from further embarrassment ?

Agnes Tan @ Singapore said...

For me, I think depend on the level of zao geng. If is a common one then is alright.

But if is a serious one, I will be happy if someone can inform me.

Jason said...

To Agnes Tan : What do u mean by the level of zaogeng ... What I mean is ... any zaogeng be it big or small is also considered embarrassing and it shouldn't have happened .

So , how do u determine the seriousness of zaogeng ? And really , do u really don't mind if one were to spot u and point out in front of u that u have zaogeng ?

Do u really want people to point it out to u if it were to really happen to u one day ? Won't that make u feel very embarrassed in front of that person ? How would u react then ?

Really , won't u mind or feel angry with that person for making u embarrassed ?

Agnes Tan @ Singapore said...

some common one maybe not so embarrase, e.g. the space btw the button on the shirt is opened, that is quite commmon.. anyway.. the will only see the bra and nohting else....

but if like this gal, then i think is a serious one, esp if wearing a g-string inside...

of course better dont point out in public, maybe pass a piece of paper, or talk softly while sit next to me....

of course is better for someone to point out to me, rather than being taken photos or being seen by many others right?

Thomas said...

Hi ! I ran through your Blog posts and noticed that u like to write a lot about zaogeng and having sexy photos of girls in bras etc ... It's quite rare or uncommon for a girl to be writing on such topics !

Never knew that girls are also interested in such topics too nowadays ! I always thought that only we guys would be interested in such topics !

As u write so much about zaogeng and telling other girls to be conscious about how they sit and not to zaogeng themselves , I guess u must be a very conscious girl who will be so careful about your own dressing and the way u sit etc ... that u will hardly had any zaogeng experiences before right ?

So , have u had any embarrassing zaogeng experiences before ? Also , may I ask u if u really don't mind just out of curiousity : How would u react if one day should u discover yourself that u have zaogeng in front of people in public ? How would u react then ?

Thomas said...

Since u like to write about zaogeng so much and post sexy pictures of girls , may I have your email address please so that should I come across any suitable photos , I would be able to send to u and help contribute to your Blog posts , just like this reader here whom u said contributed this picture of this girl sitting in this manner . Thanks !

Agnes Tan @ Singapore said...

You can always email me, my email can be found at my profile

Agnes Tan @ Singapore said...

Forget your previous comment, also sometimes I must write something that you like to read, if not you wont know my blog also right? don even say you read my blog.

Nina said...

the girls nowadays are hamsup also

u never listen to gal talking yellow jokes?

Anonymous said...

Got a link to the rest of the pictures?

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