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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Full Collections of Zhang Ziyi Beach Photos 章子怡海滩露点 (no watermark)

I guess most people have seen Zhan Ziyi 章子怡 photos with her and her boyfriend at beach. However, many photos have been watermarked right in the middle. And many sites requires you to see one photo by one page, and it takes tons of time to load. Here I have some photos without watermark and a website where you can see ALL 81 photos in one page (speed in loading).

Wah, his hand....
Is Zhang Ziyi's butt smell nicer?
Of course the first hand information came from: Cowboycaleb , Jialat
Link : Some forums , Original source

Here are some better links (let me know if you know any other better one):
NO WATER MARK but only 18 photos
All 81 in one page, fast loading
--> Gutter provides both the above <--

Click here for more girls photos

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hyperX said...

Who's that angmo already? Looks familiar. Anyway, Zhang Zi Yi is sexy...

Paul said...

Ten good quality large images here

Anonymous said...

The question is interesting, I too will take part in discussion.

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