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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

R..A..P..E.. ......... RAPE

Read from Zaobao that a step father raped two of his step daugthers, well.. this can be common, but another is a younger bro rape his elder sister! This is totally brand new and shock to me....

I am sure those guys with sisters at home, u must had peep ur sister while they taking bath (or u wish to thought never do so) or play with her bra or panties (I am sure for this). But I can never imagine that bro (younger somemmore) will rape elder sister.................

What the hell is this..........

And this remind me of a case that happen to my fren's fren in a neighbouring country, she stay in the so called "condo", where she was gang raped by two security guards that followed her to her house... oh my god........................... whom to trust if security guards cannot be trusted???

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Anonymous said...

so ur bro play with ur bra or panties? share ur experience leh

Anonymous said...

this one more powerful




受害者不堪受辱兼遭勒索,於是在週六(17日)凌晨向新街場警察局報案,過後前往怡保警區總部錄取口供,目前此案已交由重案組進行調查。 (星洲日報‧2007.02.17)

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