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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gals versus Guys

Someone told me this:

"gers are attracted emotionally,
guys are attracted physically"

I rise my both hands and both legs to fully support it............

I even remember that some one told me:

"a guy will look at the face of a gal, if cannot make it, then her boobs, if still cannot make it then her butt and her legs"

but i dont agree, becos: some guys start from boobs then to only to face @#$@#*$@#(@#$

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Anonymous said...

so i guess guys start from ur boobs then to ur face right? else u wont be so angry with @!#@!#@#$@#$

Anonymous said...

haha you are so funny and I am sorry to say, having partied with many different friends, I think what you said is sooooo true of many guys.

Thanks for your blog. Its a fun and entertaining read.

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