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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New local video sharing website -

I found a new local video sharing website.... LEPAK.TV

Similar to Youtube, but the video content is localized to Asia, like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam etc.... very local video....

High bandwidth and lot of interesting videos.... one group is dedicated to girls video.. every video related to girls... Lepak TV featured group: Girls

To update.. the above group is growing big now... and thanks to everyone that join the group and contribute the video....

Some new videos that added to the group include: singapore orchard ktv gals, FHM singapore gal-next-door video etc....

Remember a gals fighting video that I shown previously, here is another one.. and girls in school uniform somemore.... (change into youtube, so that the video wont play automatically)

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Seems like Malaysia is an exciting place, many happening

Singapore is happening as well if you see those party gals

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Lepak.TV said...

Nice video and blog Agnes!
Keep up the good work on your site.
Lepak.TV full support.

Please visit my new blog.
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