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Monday, April 28, 2008

Lunar Coyote Dolls - 18 Apr

Went to a free flow party at Lunar at Clarke Quay on 18 Apr.... Quite a lot of people... To my surprise.. they provide quite a number of free flow, include Mattel, Chivas, Vodka...

The music wise.... well.. got mixure of chinese and english rock.... is kind of surprise to me of having the chinese song.... as most of the club only english song... well the feeling still alright.. not that bad....

Got around 10 ladies having a hot dance in the middle stage on the 2nd floor..... if u occupied a sofa seat then you will be having a very good view....

Previously a video has been uploaded to Lepak.Tv Featured Girl Group

More photos of that day party can be found at: Guide2Party or MKOP Flickr album.. one photo from MKOP Flickr album is below:

Well.... i took a lot chivas and getting quite high that day.... goes through those photo albums see if you can find me inside.....

Here is the video shot:

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the one on the right hand side.. in orange yellow one cannot make it...
too big build

the other 3 are hot hot sexy

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