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Thursday, April 9, 2009

List of bloggers not receiving payments from Advertlets

My 1st outstanding cashout has been paid. I have removed the links previously here as they have already been resolved.

I am still waiting for the my 2nd cashout, lets see if they will be paid on time. If not, I will post it again.

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Vestige said...

Ah . google adsense ftw.

Fireopal said...

thanks for writing aout his issue.. and quoting fromm y blo..

its is indeed a pressing issue that Advertlets have failed to keep their promises in payment. Have you been keeping up with the whole story on my site?

it seems that SPH and Advertlets does have links!

YongWei said...

wasn't already paid?

Advertlets Support said...

While we at Advertlets are mindful that some bloggers have experienced delay in payment, keep in mind that we:

a) expedite payment whenever possible
b) take complaints of delayed payment seriously.

If you experience a delay in payment, you should contact with your account name, and your bank account details if possible so we can expedite the delayed payment.

And as YongWei said, Jialat has already been paid.

Along with many others:

Contest Junkie said...

Well, I haven't been paid yet, Advertlets.

Everytime I send in an inquiry, you tell me the money will be wired within 1-2 weeks or by a certain date. 5 months on, there's still no payment.

Do you take some complaints more seriously than others?

Do we all have to complain in a blog post before you will act on it?

Well, Agnes, hope you get your payment soon!

Fireopal said...

i wonder what is the percentage of bloggers from Singapore that are not paid!

Does Advertlets need only to proceed with payment only when bloggers start to post up non-receival on their blogs?

If payment was done on time and as promised, there would not be an issue for bloggers to raise such issues on the internet!

soup said...

I was paid late the previous time I tried to cash out. But I got one big grouse now. I was supposedly selected to do a post on ST701. Till now it has been about a month and they do not reply to my email about whether my post is alright, and when will the money be credited into the account.

I used to be supportive of Advertlets, but I think it's atrocious. They do not know how to pacify bloggers AT ALL.

Superman said...

Ya ler... google is still the best. :)

Haro Genki said...

Woo, a complain really works...

Agnes: You're earning in RM right...

Lisalicious said...

well I think that one need to complain it out on blog so that can get attention from advertlets eh...

they will only pay you when it comes to this point and it is delayed for too long ....

angie said...

nuffnang has always paid me.

advertlets on the other hand pays selectively.

You have to wonder how many bloggers have not met the cashout treshold and are going to be very dissapointed when they do.

It's a ticking timebomb if you ask me.

spBlogger said...

Sad that Advertlets still do the trick on bloggers.

I faced the same issue and went thru lot of pains.


Anonymous said...

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